There are a hundred approaches to a family photo.

I am not here to say that gorgeous portrait of a happy family in a field at sunset simultaneously looking at the camera isn't a valuable, beautiful memory.  It takes skill and artistic vision to create that, and it represents you at your best. 

I simply want to show you that there are other stories to tell.
Family photojournalism is visual storytelling: the art of highlighting who you (and your people) are.  Distilling the everyday moments into images that say something authentic.  Crafting a story potent enough to make you feel something when you pick it back up in ten years.  As I look through my childhood photos, I love seeing the house I grew up in.  My brother and me dancing on that navy blue carpet. The backyard with the treehouse.  That face I made when I was mad. 

I want to show you how hilarious your life is.  How emotional.  What your kids do when you aren't around.  How hard it is to be a parent, and how rewarding. I want to put you in the frame with your kids and capture those precious relationships.  I want to take photos of families that cannot be taken of any other family on earth, that aren't going to be taken on their phones.


Let me join you for a day.  You do not have to clean anything.  I'll go with you to the grocery store or dance practice or just stay at home with you on a normal day.  I'm not a stalker - I'll get to know you and your family throughout our time together, and pretty soon you won't even notice the camera.  Have questions?  Let's talk!
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